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I have decided to start a blog. Chick here to go to it. Although I moved more to Facebook for day to day happenings at Chimini I will update this page and the blog as time permits. I have also decided to add "At the Races" and "At the Shows" pages.

What's Happening at Chimini

2008 News
-Levi obtained his Rally Novice and Rally Advance titles. He also became a St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog.
Jive started the year by obtaining her Working Lead Dog title (WLD). She then obtained her CFC Championship with 4 Group 1st wins. She also became a multi CKC Group placer, Group 1st winner and a Reserve Best In Show Winner. She ended the year by going Best of Opposite Sex in Sled Dog Sweeps under Karen Ramstead at the Siberian Husky Club of Canada National Specialty.
Pippin started the year by earning his Working Team Dog title (WD). She also became a multi Group placer at CKC shows and ended the year by going 1st Award of Merit under Vince Bouniello at the Siberian Husky Club of Canada National Specialty.
Josie and Hobie both obtained pointed towards their Canadian Championship. Josie also obtained a Best Puppy in Group win under judge Ole Nielsen.

2007 Sledding Season Photos:
Check out the 2007 Trail Photos.

The Chimini Work Crew: Featured Photo Siberian Humour
Check out the Chimini Crew at work: Siberian Humour

Oct. 28th, 2007: Puppy Awards:
Pippin takes a Group 2nd
Pippin took a Group 2nd at the Puppy Awards in PEI. He was judged by a panel of judges for this Evening Event. They included All Breed Judges Charles and Letitia Bett, Permit Judges Brian Reid and Nora Bagnall and Breeder Judges Serge Bilodeau and Sandra Hamilton.

Oct. 7th, 2007: Pippin Finishes Canadian Championship
Pippin finished his Canadian Championship with a BB over his Specials mom and made the cut in group under Breeder/Judge Kim Ramey-LeBlanc. Pippin was undefeated in the classes while earning his championship and obtained two Best Puppy in Group wins.

Oct. 6th, 2007: Pippin wins another Best Puppy In Group
Pippin won another Best Puppy In Group. This time under Judge Barbara Watt.

Oct. 13/14th, 2007: Levi Obtains 2 CKC Agility Titles!

- Levi and I went to our 3rd CKC Agility trial in Moncton, NB and came home VERY happy campers. With my achilles tendon very much on the mend thanks to a fantastic physio guy, David Kachan, and getting Levi back into agility classes with Brenda Juskow Levi finished both his Agility Novice Standard Selected (AGNS) title and his Agility Novice Jumpers Selected (AGNJS) title.

Oct. 6/7th, 2007: Cobequid Dog Club

-Pippin really struted his stuff at these shows. On Saturday he went BWs for yet another 2 ponts and again went Best Puppy in Group. This time under Judge Barbara Watt. On Sunday he finished his Canadian Championship with a Best of Breed over his Specials mom, Jive, under breeder/judge Kim Ramey LeBlanc. He then went on to make the cut in Group and was placed fifth in the lineup for Group! Pippin as usual was handled by Colton O'Shea-Garnier.

Aug 31st-Sept. 2nd, 2007: Halifax Kennel Club Shows

-Jive goes Best Breed all three days, making the cut in Group on Saturday. Jive was handled by Chelby Marling.
-Pippin goes Best of Winners off three days picking up 6 points towards his Canadian Championship. He also went Best Puppy In Group on Sunday under judge Cheryl Myers-Egerton. Pippin was handled by junior handler Colton O-Shea Garnier

July 6st, 7th, 8th, 2007: Levi at CPE Agility National

-We had all the same problems as the previous weekend and missed out on several runs just because of bad times. However since the CPE doesn't have the refusal fault of the CKC trials we were able to pick up a few qualifing scores towards our level 2 CPE title including a couple 1st in Class Ribbons!

June 30th/July1st: Levi's 2nd CKC Agility Trial

-Levi and I went to our 2nd Agility title. We had a lot of things going against us for this trial and unfortunately it showed in the results. I had an operation in April and since Dec. I've had an achilles tendon problem. Combine these physcal problems with the fact that Levi's agility traning center closed down in Sept 2006 and we didn't have any qualifing scores at these Trials. The big problem with the CKC agility is that the dog is faulted for going past a jump. With my agility tendon problem I was just not able to keep up with Levi. However, thanks to a fantastic photographers we did get some wonderful
agility pictures of Levi. The first I've been able to get of him in action.

Jan. 21st, 2007: Jive Delivers 4 Puppies

-Jive is the proud mom of 4 puppies - 2 red/white boys, 1 grey/white boy and 1 grey/white girl. The Litter Theme will be "Lord of the Rings

Nov. 25/26th, 2006: Levi's First CKC Agility Trial

- Levi and I attended our first Canadian Kennel Club Agility Trail where once again Levi did a wonderful job obtaining two legs towards his CKC Novice Jumpers Agility title and one leg towards his Novice Standard Agility title. He is SUCH an amazing boy!

Nov. 18/19th, 2006: Levi Earns CPE Agility CL1 title

Following the Moncton Kennel Club Show I had two weekends of agility trials with Levi. The first weekend was a CPE (Canine Performance Event). Levi was entered in 8 different events, passing six of the eight. In qualifying in the Snookers course Levi finished the requirements for his CPE Level 1 Agility title. He also passed severl of the Level 2 requireme

Nov. 11th, 2006: Moncton Kennel Club S
We took Orion, Tymber, Star, Jive and Ceilidh to the Moncton Kennel Club show for just one day. Tymber beat out Star (who still looks like a puppy) for Winner's Bitch, picking up a point and Orion beat out a male up from the US, plus the two girls to go BWs for 2 points. Sisters Jive and Ceilidh made their first appearance in the show ring in the Brace Class and went straight to the top, going
Best Brace In Show!

June 25th, 2006: Freya Dies

No matter how hard it was to loss Siri, at least I had time to prepare for her loss. This was not the case with Freya. One minute she was with me, the next she was not. It will take a long, long time to get over the loss of these two wonderful and very special girls. Click to see Free's tribute on my site or on Karen's site

June 25th, 2006: Jive finishes her Canadian Championship

The day that Free collasped started out as a wonderful day with Jive finishing her Canadian Championship on June 25th with back to back Best of breed wins. A few months later Jive first obtained her Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) title and then became a Saint John Ambulance Therapy Dog. I had always hoped that some day Jive would follow in her mom and grandmom's paws as a therapy dog but with the loss of both Siri and Free in such a short time of each other this plan was moved up. Jive as always did not disappoint me. :)

May 12th, 2006: Disco finishes Canadian Chapionship

The weekend I loss Siri, her grandson, Disco finished his Canadian Championship at the Dartmouth Kennel Club shows.

May 12th, 2006: Siri Dies

I loss Siri May 12, just a few weeks after her 13th Birthday. Siri was one of those once in a life time dogs who fortunately did leave me with her once in a life time son, Levi. To see
Siri's tribute .

Siri Celebrates her 13th Birthday

I took the day off work so I could spend the day with Siri on her 13th Birthday. We went to her favourite part for a run with her grand daugher Jive, then to her human grand mother's place for a breakfast of toast and jam. Later we went to visit her senior friends at the seniors home where she does Therapy Dog work and finally off with me to my obedience classes. It was a full and wonderful day with my girl. On Saturday, April 29th, friends will gather for a birthday party in Siri's honour. Pictures will come in the near future

Levi Passes Requirements for Several CPE Agility Titles

On the weekend of April 8th/9th Levi passed the requirements for his Canine Performance Events, Inc. Agility titles of Level 1 Standard (CL1-R), Level 1 Handler (CL1-H) and Level 1 Fun (CL1-F). He still needs to pass Snookers to finish his requirements for Level 1 Strategy which will give him all the requirements for his full CL1 title and then re move onto Level 2. Actually we can start working on Level 2 in the areas he has already passed even though we do not have the Strategy title yet. This agility stuff is still a little confusing but most importantly a LOT of fun for both Levi and I. :)

Levi goes to his frist Agility Match

On Feb. 25th, Levi went to his first agility match. It was a Canadian Kennel Club Sanction match a
nd he was entered in both Standard and Jumpers. He passed both with flying colours!

Levi/Free pups doing well in the show ring and on the trail

Ceilidh was the first of the Levi/Free pups to finish her championship at the Halifax Kennel Club shows in Sept 2005. Disco, Jive and Weaver are all pointed and will return to the ring in 2006 once they get their new coats. All the pups are also doing well running in harness. All have had a turn up front running lead and don't see to have a problem with being up there

Freya passes CGN test

On April 30th, 2005 Freya passed her Canadian Kennel Club CGN (Canine Good Neighbour) test. This test evaluates a combination of temperament and basic obdience.

Siri celebrates her 12th birthday

On April 24th, 2005 Siri celebrated her
12th birthday with her 2 and 4 legged friends. There was pizza and off course ice cream cake for all,

Siri and Free pass St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Test

On April 23rd, 2005 Siri and Freya where tested by the St. John Ambulance to become Therapy Dogs. They both passed with flying colours and will begin their work as therapy dogs visiting a seniors home in the near future. I'm so very proud of both these girls for passing this test that is primarily a test of the dog's temperament

Siri and Levi pass CGN test

On March 5th, 2005 Siri and Levi pass the Canadian Kennel Club CGN (Canine Good Neighbour) test. Siri already has the American version of this test (CGC - Canine Good Citizen). Both these tests are a combination of evaluation of temperament and basic obedience

Levi finishes his American Championship!

I took Levi down to the Lewiston-Auburn Kennel Club shows in Maine on the weekend of Sept. 25th / 26th., 2004. There he went Best of Winners both days. The first day picking up his second required major and the second day finishing his Championship. Levi was handled to these wonderful wins by Tracy Brosque. THANKS Tracy

Siberian Husky Club of Canada National Aug. 28th, 2004

Susan and I travelled to the SHCC National Specialty where we had a great time. Levi and Siri placed in several of the Sweep Classes and 11 year old Siri helped junior handler, Christine Downing  win
the Best Overall Junior Handler at the Siberian Husky Club of Canada National Specialty.

Levi #6 Siberian in Canada in 2003
Well, the results are now all in and my unofficial calculations have Levi in #6 postition, just 25 points behind the #5 Siberian. He was shown 28 times, placed in Group 21 times including 8 Group 1st wins and one BIS. Needless to say I'm VERY proud of my boy. Many thanks to John Macdonald and Susan Shephard for handling Levi for me

Freya's Sister and Two Brothers Become Iditarod Finishers
Well, not exactly a Chimini "happening", but Freya is none the less extremely excited to announce that her sister, Kara, and her two brothers, Loki and Odie, all bred and owned by Karen Ramstead were all part of Karen's team that finished the 1,000 mile Iditarod race on Friday, March 19th, 2004. To find out more information on this exciting event, please visit Karen's Iditarod and
Diary webpages. Way to go, Karen and team North Wapiti.

Siberian Husky Club of Canada Working Dog Titles

Siri, Levi, Freya, Reba and Niko completed the final leg towards their SHCC Working Dog titles on Saturday March 13th, 2004. To accomplish this task they travelled over 50 miles in harness with runs of no less then 10 miles each. I'm very proud of all the dogs for accomplishing this task. Siri, Levi and Freya are all owned by myself. Reba, a Siri daughter, is owned by Margaret Hall and Niko, a resuce boy, is owned by Colleen Little. For pictures of the dogs on the trail working towards this title go to this page. Now all I have to do is to get the paper work in to the SHCC so the title will become official. <g>

I've actually been told by Freya's breeder, Karen Ramstead, that Freya has completed the requirements for her SHCC Working Dog Excellent title. Hopefully once Karen has some time on her hands <g>, she will be able to put in for this title on Freya as well

Freya Joins the Family

On Nov. 14th, 2003 I travelled to Winnipeg, Manitoba to attend the Canadian National Specialty and to meet Karen Ramstead of
North Wapiti Siberians. Karen and I had been talking about Freya for about a year but to lease, not buy. At the National I found out that Karen was willing to sell Freya to me! We went out to Karen's truck where I got to meet Freya for the first time. Within seconds I was on the floor and Freya was cuddled in my lap - love at first sight! I left Winnipeg for home on Monday, Nov. 17th.. Freya was with me. Freya brings love and joy to my life each and every day. Thank you Karen!

Siri wins Award of Merit

May 31st,
2003. Siri wins Award of Merit from the Veteran Class at the Yankee Siberian Husky Club in MA.

Levi Goes BIS

May 3rd,
2003. Levi went Best in Show at the Moncton Kennel Club. He was handled to this win by John Macdonald. During 2003, Levi also picked up 8 Group 1st wins.

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