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Copyright 2003,2004 B. Potter
Copyright 2003,2004 B. Potter
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Chimini Siberians
Brenda Potter
Halifax, NS, Canada
(902) 443-8114
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Living With Me
RBIS Can/CFC Elite Ch. Chimini's Shall We Dance, CGN, WLD "Jive"
BIS Can GCh. Am/CFC Ch. Chimini's Peregrin Took,
WD, CGN, Am/Can National AOM "Pippin"
Chimini's A Spoonful of Sugar
CGN "Expiali"
Chimini's River Song "

Living With Others: Boys
Ch. Chimini's Saturday Night Fever "
Chimini's Weave The Dreams
WD "Weaver"
Ch. Chimini's Gandalf The Grey "
Chimini's Dances With Wolves "
Ch, Chimini's Faux Pas "
Chimini's Frank N Stein "
Chimini's Party Crasher "

Living With Others: Girls
Ch. Chimini's Dancing With T'Stars "
Chimini's Hush Lil One "
Kelim's Cupid 
Chimini's Vanessa Russo "

Rainbow Bridge
BIS Am/Can Ch. Chimini's Living Like A Legend, WD, CGN, CL1, AGNS, AGNJS, NA  "
Ch. NorthWapiti's Freya
WD, CGN "Freya"
BIS, AOM Am/Can Ch. Kontoki's Wish Upon A Star WD, CGN, CGC, "Siri"
Ch. Sekene's Some Wild Fantasy
, CGC "Tasy"
Cajunville's Sierra Classic,
TT "Katie"
Ch. Sekene's Poppy Seed of Chimini
CD "Poppy"
Ch. Sekene's O. Jay Simpson
C.D., TT "Jason"
Ch. Zapatta Amorok Simmiktartio
Am/Can CD, Can. CDX., TT "Chimo"
Dogs from lead Disco (Gr/Wh), Jive (Bl/Wh), Weaver, Levi (facing forward), Ceilidh (Bl/Wh) and Freya (Gr/Wh)
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